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Extraordinary Gifts
of an Ordinary Man

by Jo Buchanan

In the 1920s and 1930s my father, and later my mother, belonged to an extraordinary circle of people who met several times a week in Melbourne, Australia.

The medium of the group was Stan Walsh, a deep trance physical medium who became unconscious in order to allow highly evolved spiritual entities to possess his physical body.

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Bert, Stan and Les

For Stan, it began with the discovery of an ability to produce automatic writing. Halfway through a healing meditation one night, Stan’s right hand began to scribble feverishly on a pad of paper he was holding. When the lights were turned up, he found himself in possession of a sheaf of written messages for every person in the room.

The following week Stan went into meditation, pen poised and ready, but instead, experienced a total blackout. When he regained consciousness he was informed that after ‘fainting’, a hoarse cry was emitted from his throat, pad and pencil thrown into the air and a deep guttural voice began to address the gathering.


Malocca, Stan’s guide

The owner of the voice introduced himself as Malocca, Stan’s Red Indian guide. He was the first of many teachers in spirit to address my father’s healing and meditation circle.

Another of the initial teachers was professor Jenkinson, who had been the son of the Earl of Chichester between 1811 and 1854 in his previous earth incarnation. Professor Jenkinson brought to the group an amazing method of painting pictures. While on earth, the professor had been a great art lover and dabbled with paints on an amateur level.

Initially, he drew the outline of the subject with a fountain pen or pencil, then he’d shake Stan’s hands over the sketch and paint would materialise through the tips of Stan’s fingers.

The first experiments were rather crude but, as the professor was able to work through Stan more efficiently, the quality of the paintings improved. The materialisation of paint in this manner was likened to the way flowers emit vibrations that draw colours from the atmosphere.


Painting of Christ done while in unconscious trance

A plant with a vibratory rate corresponding to the colour red, draws red from the atmosphere. Another plant containing a different rate of vibration draws blue or yellow, and so on.

It was explained that Stan was gifted with the same magnetic vibrations which drew colours of every hue from the atmosphere. One large painting of Jesus Christ was created in this way. Intricate and very beautiful, it took less than thirty minutes to complete.

The materialisation of apports began in 1921. Apports are defined in the dictionary as ‘objects transported by supernormal means from a distance into a definite enclosed space.’

The first apports to be materialised were feathers. Halfway through a meeting, a sudden fluttering sound was heard and the group members saw tiny black feathers floating from the ceiling.


Apport wooden crucifix

After that, apports appeared regularly. Malocca assured the group that everything that was ‘brought down’ had been irretrievably lost or buried and could never have been recovered by normal human means, thus banishing any fear regarding unlawful possession.

My father received a finely carved crucifix which had been recovered from the ruins of a Belgian cathedral destroyed during World War 1.

One night, an actress who had been in silent films during her previous incarnation spoke to the group through Stan. Her name was Olive Thomas and she promised to give one of the sitters, also an actress, a blue silk shawl that had belonged to her on earth.

On Malocca’s return, he walked Stan’s body around the room on tip toe, both hands stretched high above his head. My father told me a vaguely formed cloud appeared to be just out of reach of his fingers. Malocca urged the group to sing, as the vibration would help it to materialise.


Stan with materialised wedding veil

To quote my father, ‘Everyone sang in a different key. It sounded awful but we pressed on regardless, while Malocca continued grasping at the ethereal cloudy substance almost within reach. Slowly it began to descend until, with a loud cry of triumph from Malocca, Stan’s hands touched the filmy substance and it instantly turned into a blue silk shawl.’

On another occasion, following a lecture by a Chinese mandarin, brightly coloured fans materialised at the feet of everyone present.

One Saturday afternoon, while spending a weekend at a country farm house in Panton Hill, the group went for a walk. As they reached the crest of the hill, they noticed in the distance, a clump of gum trees growing in a circle. Suddenly Stan was controlled by Malocca, who announced their meeting that night was to be held inside this natural arena. So saying, he began to run like the wind.

Dad raced after him. ‘We’ve got to stop him!’ he cried, ‘Stan’s legs can’t possibly keep up the pace!’ But they did. And as the group watched open mouthed, a red robe began to flare behind him.

Finally re-joining Stan in the middle of the circle of gum trees, they discovered Armadh Singh, a Hindu seer, had taken Malocca’s place and a scarlet robe was now draped neatly around the body of the medium. It had been materialised while he was running.


Apport leather bonnet

I have many apports in my home from those days but my personal favourite is a fringed Red Indian leather bonnet. It was materialised when White Bird, Malocca’s squaw, came through singing a lullaby in her native tongue. As she sang, she stretched Stan’s arms above his head until suddenly she pulled them down with great force, now clutching the head dress. As a child, I wore this leather bonnet everywhere, claiming it as my own.

The process of materialisation was explained in the following way: The varying density of all types of matter is conditioned by the speed of the atoms contained within the molecules. It was explained that articles were first de-materialised by scientific minds in the spirit world, speeding up the atoms of the article until it was no longer visible to the human eye or tangible to human touch. In its de-materialised state, the article was then carried from where it was originally found, to the place where it was to be re-materialised.


Apport black fan

This bringing together of the de-materialised article and the magnetic force issuing from the medium’s hands reduced the stepped-up speed of the atoms to the original rate and the article became visible again.

A simple analogy is the conversion of a hard and heavy block of ice into water and then steam by the application of heat energy. It is then possible to convert the steam back into water and then ice when brought into contact with a cold plate. In that sense, a physical medium could be likened to a human cold plate.


Crucifix apported from ruins of Belgium Cathedral

One night at a meeting in 1930, Malocca announced he had brought into the room, a visitor from Belgium. Malocca then left and allowed the visitor to control Stan’s body. He spoke in an unknown language until my father requested he speak in English. After a pause, speaking as if being prompted in some manner, he said slowly, ‘I come from Belgium. I am – what you call – a deep trance medium. I come from a circle of eight people. Your medium – he is now in my body bringing greetings to them, my countrymen.’

What had occurred was an exchange of bodies by two deep trance mediums. Again, the lesson, we are not our physical bodies.


Apport bead basket

The most amazing lesson of all in the education of the group was luminosity. For some time, the members had been informed that the guides had been working on Stan’s physical body, to prepare him for this phenomenon. They were told that Light was to come down from the highest spiritual planes but would be too blinding to be revealed in its true state. So Stan’s body was to be adjusted in such a manner that he would become a ‘transformer’, breaking down the intensity when it materialised, so it could be seen without too much strain on human eyesight.


White Bird

Then one night, as John the Most Beloved spoke through Stan, my parents and their friends noticed something begin to shine in the centre of the floor. As they watched, it gradually formed a cross of Light about six inches long, dazzling in its radiance.

The second time Light was manifested, it appeared in the form of tiny crosses on the right side of the white robes worn by the sitters.

On the third occasion, an Egyptian priest who was controlling Stan at the time, took hold of my father’s right hand and that of another sitter, raising them until the medium’s fingers were held together as if in prayer. Then, without warning, a thin bright Light like a laser beam shone from between their palms. As they pointed their fingers, it radiated from every tip.


L.C. Danby in 1976 holding trumpet used to magnify the spirit voices

Another night, Malocca jumped Stan to his feet, opened his mouth wide and a long sliver of white fire darted from it.

It wasn’t long before the Light would now spread all over Stan’s body, often outlining the earthly appearance of the sitters’ spiritual guides, completely superceding the density of Stan’s physical form.

It was explained that each time the Light appeared, it was able to reach out not only on the earthly plane to heal, guide and comfort, but also into the astral plane where many lost souls were trapped between world.


Author Les Danby and wife, Anne

One unforgettable evening, a great Red Light shone from Stan’s chest. Peering inside, the group members could see his heart quite clearly, contracting and expanding in a steady beat. My parents told me it was like looking into a brightly illumined X-ray picture in vivid red, every artery and muscle around the heart clearly visible.

The twenty years of healings, materialisations and spiritual growth came to an end with Stan’s death.

Although my parents continued to hold weekly meetings, the ‘lessons’ of the previous two decades were never repeated.

The extraordinary phenomena which changed the lives of my parents and sparked an inherent, uncomfortable quest for truth within me, ceased with the passing of an extraordinary human being.

Jo Buchanan


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